Clotilde Toussaint, Modiste à Paris, Meilleur Ouvrier de France



Clotilde Toussaint is a milliner in Paris; she creates and produces hats, headdresses and head accessories.
Exceptional or urban hats, ceremonial headdresses, all of her creations are tailor- and handmade.

Beret and beanies, cloche or wide-brimmed hats, pill-boxes and chapkas, fascinators and bibis, her capable hands create all kinds of headgear.
Straw and ribbons, felt and wool, silk and organza, pearls, leather, feathers…
a whole range of textures, materials and colors serves her creativity.

Sometimes useful against the rain, the cold or the sun, sometimes frivolous and audacious for a cocktail or a party, worn for pleasure or for fun, hats escort you in your life, immortalizing weddings, births and losses…

Hats catch the eye. Hats mark your character. To wear a hat implies you are looked at and you know you are watched!

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